Turkish Dizi

“Turkish Dizi genre, which was once inspired by foreign drama, has now established a global impact, reaching out to distant territories and audiences. As a genre, dizi has different features from the soap and telenovela. Because dizis are shot in natural settings and because dialogues are natural, dizis are slow but has more musical, textual and visual diversity.”

A Turkish Dizi You Might Like

DIP (2018) - Turkish Series Starring Neslihan Atagül & Ilker Kaleli - HD Streaming with English Subtitles 1


Sahir, who works for the Istanbul police, is in charge of rescuing people who attempt to commit suicide, finds Bilge, who is a scientist, one day with a notice incoming on his phone. Doors to a new and dangerous world opens up to Sahir the day he meets Bilge, a mysterious scientist, whose life is full of secrets. The two stand at the threshold of one of those doors, where one secret leads them to a new one. Sahir and Bilge, who are getting thrown into this huge war, are not only going to support each other, but also heal each other’s wounds from the past, the present and the future, together.

A Turkish Movie You Might Like

İki Kafadar Chinese Connection (2013) - Turkish Movie - HD Streaming with English Subtitles

İki Kafadar: Chinese Connection

Two best buddies who always fail with the business attempts in the big market. As the last big Bang, they borrow money from the mob and invest on computer tablet business, which would eventually would lead them to genetically modified organism smuggling. It will be to late when they realize it. Friendship – love – Mob triangle with lots of excitement and fun.