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“Indian soap operas (or Indian serials in Indian English) are soap operas or serials written, produced and filmed in India, with characters played by Indians with episodes broadcast on Indian television. Daytime soap opera were popular during the 2000s and has been growing  in popularity since then. Indian soap operas are also broadcast in South Asia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Southeastern Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and francophone Africa.”

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Naagin (Serpent) - Season 1 - Indian Serial - HD Streaming with English Subtitles

Naagin – Season 1

Naagin (shape shifting female snake) is a story of love and revenge. Naagin delves into the life of Ritik. Shivanya is stuck between two extreme emotions — love and vengeance. Shivanya’s friend, Sesa is her support system, but she has an ulterior motive that no one knows about. The constant conflict between love and revenge drive these protagonists together as their lives clash in a coming together of their past histories.