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El Dragón - Season 2

A bombing investigation gives Héctor a lead on his sister's murder. As Miguel plans to produce a new drug, Valentín uses Chisca to steal the prototype.

My Love From Another Star

An alien named Achira who comes to Earth for research, sees a woman in trouble and decides to save her. His heroic action gets him stranded on Earth for 300 years as he was late returning to the spaceship and it left without him. With only three months left before his long-awaited departure, he meets actress Falada and realises that she is the woman he saved all those years ago. Will Achira choose to return to his planet or stay on Earth after finding himself developing feelings for the famous actress?

Way Back Home

The film follows the story of two sisters, Ana Bartolome and Jessica Santiago, who have been separated for twelve years and grew up in two totally different worlds.


Tarini Bisht is on a hunt for a 'honey with money' with her rich BFF, Amy. But fate is funny as Amy's fiancée Veer falls for her. When love gets complicated and friendship is lost, she picks her broken dreams and rises to be her own hero.

Toy Boy

A thriller that tells the story of Hugo, a stripper who, thanks to his youth and attractiveness, had managed to lead a carefree life. Everything was twisted for him when, after an excessive night party, he wakes up in a sailboat next to the corpse of his lover's husband, Macarena, which will take him to jail. After seven years in prison, he meets Triana, a young lawyer who, on behalf of hidden and powerful interests, gets his provisional release.

Perdiendo el norte

Two young Spanish men, with a university education, are tired of unemployment and decide to move to Germany. But soon they will find out that finding a better living is not as easy as they expected.

Cama de Gato

This telenovela follows the path of Gustavo, a successful but unhappy perfumer. His ambitious wife Verônica plans to get rid of her husband to inherit his fortune. In an accident caused by Veronica, Gustavo is found by fishermen, discovering, by the newspapers, that he was reported dead and accused for the murder of a model. Desolate, he remembers Rose, the company's employee with whom he learns again the meaning of happiness.

La Doña - Season 2

After two years away from everyone Altagracia resides in Rio de Janeiro with her new boyfriend Thiago doing illegal business. On the other hand, in Mexico a new band of criminals called Los Arcoiris kidnap women, abuse them and then kill them. But not only that, there are also new enemies for Altagracia, all the relatives of the men she killed want revenge.

Sonsuz Aşk

Zeynep is a happy, optimistic person who works as a housekeeper to support her sister and herself. Can is a young professional surgeon. Can and Zeynep, who seem to have no commonalities suddenly and unexpectedly, fall into an eternal love when they enter each other's lives, but this love brings in very difficult obstacles to overcome.

Les Rivières Pourpres - Season 2

A bizarre series of murders, a stubborn investigator duo and a lot of bodies.

Halik (Betrayal)

Childhood lovers Jacky and Lino meet after being apart for several years. However, now married to different people, the two must choose whether to fight to be together again or be true to the promise made to their spouses.

Anadolu Kartalları

The film, commissioned for the centenary of the Turkish Air Force, was filmed in collaboration with the Turkish Air Force in the air base in Konya. Some aerial scenes were notably performed.

El Señor de los Cielos – Season 7

Amado protects the family and seeks to strengthen the cartel to face the powerful enemies, whose goal is to end the Casillas clan. At the same time, they must fight to get Aurelio out of his coma through a risky operation. Renzo Volpi, a sinister character from the Balkan Mafia proposes to overflow the United States with Fentanyl, a powerful drug, to which Amado refuses. Renzo lets them see that he kidnapped Luzma Casillas and begins a war that will only bring dead people on both sides.

Naagin – Season 4

Shivanya, the daughter of a shape-shifting snake couple, sets out to avenge her parents, who are murdered. While on her mission, she marries Ritik, the son of one of the murderers.


Ari works with her boyfriend and another criminal, where she seduces rich men and the 2 men rob them. She seduces Mikel. Her partners aren't happy until he joins them in illegal car racing. And Mikel's rich fiancee...?

Sueño de Amor

Esperanza Guerrero is a single mother working as a teacher at two schools, a state school and an elite school to provide for her two teenagers, Pedro and Patricia.

Un Poquito Tuyo

Un Poquito Tuyo is a contemporary romantic comedy for the whole family about a successful business man struggling to teach his wife a and children the importance of family values over material things. In his struggle, he will learn that it’s never too late to start over and find true love.

A Love To Last

The story follows two different people, Andeng, and Anton, that will prove that two brokenhearts can make their love last or not.


A painter in Istanbul embarks on a personal journey as she unearths universal secrets about an Anatolian archaeological site and its link to her past.

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