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Falling Angel

Falling Angel is the lifestory of Angel who goes to live in the middle of a path of mistakes, but his biggest mistake will be falling for a forbidden woman... a love that will set his sentence.

Silent Shadow

A love triangle forms when a woman falls for a man engaged to her former spouse, who faked her own death to live a new life.

Alchemy of Souls

A fantasy drama about the stories of young magicians who deal with heavenly spirits.

Prisoners of Love

Yolanda Acosta is a woman capable of altering law and order out of love for her daughter. She serves as a hook to catch the Centauro, one of the most dangerous drug traffickers in Mexico.

Labour of Love

The story of a love that dared to go beyond differences and prejudices.

Goodbye My Princess

Unable to recall their past love for each other, Prince Li Chengyin and Princess Xiaofeng reunite in a political marriage and battle court intrigue.


A 2 trillion won divorce case that shocked the country and a woman who seeks revenge on the richest people of Korea.

The Usurper

After she finds out about the existence of her identical twin, Paola Miranda forces Paulina Doria to assume her identity, with the sole purpose of killing her and in this way, faking her own death, start a new life together with her lover.

On The Other Side Of The Wall

A story of opposing worlds, of cultural gaps. A story that tells the lives of two women who come to live in the United States: one chasing a dream and the other fleeing a nightmare.

Till Death

Fed up with his wife’s distancing from him, Hadi goes on a business trip to Turkey where he meets a special woman, an encounter that changes his life forever.

Why Her?

A painful but exciting story of Oh Soo-jae, a cold lawyer who has become empty while pursuing only success, and Gong Chan, a law school student who is not afraid of anything to protect her.

Banni Chow Home Delivery

Self-sufficient Banni runs her meal delivery service. However, her life turns upside down when she is tasked with feeding a rich but emotionally unstable Yuvan.

Waves of Life

After a fatal car accident, a heartbroken lawyer blames an actress for his fiancée's death — until the truth behind the tragedy changes his feelings.

The Princess Wei Young

After escaping death, Northern Liang's princess Feng Xin Er assumes the identity of her saviour, Li Weiyoung, in order to obtain revenge against the enemies who destroyed her kingdom.


In the silence of the night, Baby-Bangs, likes to look at the vast night sky, thinking about his first love, Nubdao. He finds out that Nubdao is an influencer. Between her close friend and Baby-Bangs, who will Nubdao choose?

Bepanah Pyaar

Years after losing his wife, Raghbir is still in grieving. However, Pragati enters his life in the form of his new wife and, unknown to him, she has an irrevocable connection to his past.

Hidden Truths - Season 2

Angel is back in the underworld of fashion and luxury. Giovanna believes that Angel has killed her father and starts a war involving Cristiano, a private investigator.


Fernanda vows revenge after her husband is murdered and she is violated on her wedding night. She will seek revenge against the family who did this to her but will she take revenge if she falls in love with their son?

Cunning Single Lady

The story follows a married couple who divorced after several years of marriage. After that, the man suddenly gets rich and his life changes again when his ex-wife starts working with him.


After killing a French Lieutenant in the series, Aziz Payidar is forced to leave his great love, Dilruba, behind him and his father's house. After the event is forgotten, Aziz returns to the city again.

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