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De brutas, nada - Season 2

The second season starts with new relationships, new friendships, and a couple of lies that no one can escape from.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali

Widowed Pallavi is all for family, while loner Raghav, a business magnate, is all for money. One day, these polar opposites clash.

Loli's Fate

Loli Aguilar, a successful executive producer at Global Radio Group, who has put her career first and love in the back burner. She loves her commitment-free life, but that changes unexpectedly when her best friend Mariana, suddenly passes away leaving her everything, including her two children.

Road To Mars

Emilia, who suffers from a terminal illness, embarks on a journey with her best friend Violeta. On their way they meet Mark, who claims to be an alien on a mission to destroy the planet for considering humanity (and love) a virus. However, Mark begins to doubt his mission falling in love with Emilia.

Nabi, My Stepdarling

Kawin confessed his love to Nabi. But was rejected by Nabi even though she had feelings for him. After that Kawin was sent to study abroad but then had to come back to Thailand to find out the truth that about the cause of his mother's death, that's where Kawin joins his father's office and is reunited with Nabi. But if there were reasons for Kawin to misunderstand Nabi, how would love and misunderstandings will be corrected?

Kuch Toh Hai

The story is about Rehaan and Priya who are completely different from each other. Rehaan is extraordinary, lives like a human, but is not like them, he likes darkness and hates light and is a cursed AadiSaach who will search for love in his life but will never get his love. Priya is a half-human, half-fairy singer. She has the power of superspeed. She can heal deep wound within few seconds.

Love Thy Woman

Jia Wong and Dana Wong are half-sisters and become bitter rivals over one man. Jia finds herself having a deeper relationship with David, the husband of Dana, as the latter lies comatose due to a road crash just after their wedding. Their complicated ties are a case of history repeating itself, as Jia's mom was similarly the mistress of Adam Wong. Adam is the shared father of Jia and Dana, whose mother is Adam's legal wife.

She's The One

A morning show host suddenly realizes what he really wants when his best friend turns out to be the subject of a romantic viral video that captures the attention of the whole nation.

The Boarding School: Las Cumbres

After a failed escape attempt, Manuel disappears into the forest at the hands of a mysterious man wearing a crow mask. Despite the strict discipline, Paul, Amaia and their other friends keep looking for him. Their adventures lead them to discover that the ancient sect that inhabited the forest, the Nido de Cuervos, continues to commit crimes, and that Las Cumbres is more than just a school.

Precious Rose

Rosa is abandoned as a baby at a boarding school along with a payment of 18 white diamonds. Rosa grows up and befriends Eva Sotomayor, and both girls vow to live as sisters. Their lives change after they meet José Ignacio Altamirano, an attractive, intelligent and conquering man who takes advantage of Eva’s innocence.

The Penthouse 2

The residents of Hera Palace believe everything will return to how it used to be. However, the tides change very quickly.

Killing Sarai

Victor is one of the world’s most cold blooded assassin. Victor was raised to do one thing only, which is to kill for money. When he went to collect payment for his most recent hit, he encounters the beautiful Sarai, who has been forced to spend the last 9 years of her life with the drug lord.


After betraying his bosses, a hitman hides out in a vacant tailor shop, where he's mistaken for the late owner's son, an identity he decides to embrace.

30 Coins

An exiled priest tries to escape his demons while living in a remote village in Spain.

Don’t Mess with an Angel

An orphan girl finds her family and the love of her life, being one of the richest families in town. On her road to reunite with her family she will have to pass a lot of problems.

Just the Way You Are

The story follows a popular guy named Drake Sison, who makes a bet with his best friend Andrei, to make the nerdy transfer student, Sophia Taylor, fall in love with him in 30 days. Once she falls for him, he must confess that it was all a bet.

Los Bastardos

Follow the lives of five brothers struggling with one another for their rightful place in their father's heart and business. The root of their conflict stems from betrayals and secrets surrounding Don Roman Cardinal past and present. Based on the Cardinal Bastards novel written by Vanessa.

Ishq Mein Marjawan - Season 2

Riddhima proposes the only love of her life Kabir, but destiny takes a drastic turn when Kabir chooses to hold his response and rushes to chase his arch-enemy, Vansh Raisinghania. How will Riddhima bear with this unexpected response?

The Body Of Desire

After a sudden death, a man reincarnates into a handsome young man; with his new identity, he discovers secrets and lies of the past.


A man struggles after his release from ten years as a political prisoner.

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