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Five Thirty

The famous Dr. Bayan has love, money and beauty, but lovely moments don't last, she finds herself in a political conflict with treason and conspiracy.


A 17th-century nun in Italy suffers from disturbing religious and erotic visions. She is assisted by a companion, and the relationship between the two women develops into a romantic love affair.

Love and Hate

A rich touch actor, Tolga (previously a romance star) meets a modest, poor girl, Aysa (a mall clerk) and through hijinks, coincidence, and no choice but to accept it, they embark on a journey of a lifetime as Prince & Pauper.

Beauty of Resilience

It tells the magnificent Xianxia story of Wei Zhi, the female protagonist who is reincarnated as a phoenix, and Yan Yue, the male protagonist who is the Sun God. They go through hardships and finally break the destiny of how the "phoenix nirvana will shake the three worlds" and rewrite their own Xianxia story together.

Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka

He lives under the dark shadow of a Jinn while she is blessed with angelic qualities. What turn will Aman and Roshni's lives take when the two entangle in a 'magical' love story?

The First Nanny

The life of an ordinary young woman takes a sharp turn after she becomes the nanny of the Philippine vice president’s children.

Ziddi Dil Maane Na

Special Agent Karan Shergil is stern with his trainees and prepares them for the tough life in the army. Soon, Monami, a kind-hearted doctor, joins his team.


A PR professional makes up for her lack of experience and qualifications with her passion and hard work. She unexpectedly gets embroiled in a recruitment scandal as she learns that she was only employed as a "diversity hire" and tries to defy the naysayers, her superiors, and her peers.

Aim For The Heart

From childhood antagonists to first loves to fierce enemies, police captain Julia Scola and criminal lawyer Novak Lisica have a long and complicated history that culminated in 20 years of estrangement. When Novak leaves his firm to join the police, he supervises Julia's squad as the new commissioner, and the two must confront their past relationship as they take on Paris's most challenging crimes.

Dear Mama

Ralf and his friend decide to rob the villa of 37-year-old mother, Helen. She shoots the robber dead, which starts a real nightmare for both Helen and the robber's friend.

The Marked Heart

A year and a half after leaving Colombia, Camila’s peaceful stay in Istanbul comes to an abrupt end. She flees to Mexico, where Simón happens to live.

Dark Woods

A case, that remained a mystery for nearly thirty years. The desperate search of one brother for his sister. And the agony of those who are left behind by a chillingly brutal crime.

A Criminal Affair

The fates of Catherine Godin and major crimes investigator Benoît Bing Inglis intertwine when they are questioned about a murder case. While Catherine fights to clear her son's name, Bing seems to be protecting someone who may have been involved.

Something to Hide

Marriage, family, career, everything in Claude's life is a success. Mayor of his town, he is almost certain to become senator. For his beloved grandson Lucas, life is much less cheerful: his parents are divorcing and he's awkward and ill at ease. One day he accuses his grandfather of rape.

The King Of Warsaw

The King of Warsaw is a gangster story set in Warsaw in 1937. It talks about violence, the lust for power and the pursuit of maintaining it at all costs. It's a story of the ups and downs of the mafia that used to sow fear and submission in the Poland's capital before the outbreak of World War II. The main character, is Jakub Szapiro, a Jewish gangster-boxer drawn into a political conspiracy and gangster bloodletting that may decide the fate of the nation.


Jeju Island is taken over by evil spirits. An exorcist, priest, and chaebol heiress are fated to fight against evil spirits attempting to end the world. “They are stirring at last.”

La Fortuna

Lost in the middle of the ocean, Captain Frank Wild finds treasure on a sunken frigate; Álex Ventura tries to adapt to his new job at the Ministry of Culture without knowing that his life is about to change.

An Ordinary Woman

Marina is an ordinary woman, living in Moscow. But behind the veneer of her perfect family life lurk many dark secrets. She owns a flower shop, but her income really comes from running a clandestine Whatsapp network of prostitutes. An Ordinary Woman is the riveting story of how Marina copes as her carefully constructed house of cards begins to collapse around her.


When three 15-year-old girls disappear without a trace, Javi, Quino, Álvaro, and Zeta take matters into their own hands and discover the girls are being held by something from another world.

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