Turkish Dizi

“Turkish Dizi genre, which was once inspired by foreign drama, has now established a global impact, reaching out to distant territories and audiences. As a genre, dizi has different features from the soap and telenovela. Because dizis are shot in natural settings and because dialogues are natural, dizis are slow but has more musical, textual and visual diversity.”

A Turkish Dizi You Might Like

Mahmut ile Meryem (Mahmut & Meryem) - Turkish Mini-Series - English Subtitles

Mahmut ile Meryem

In the 16th century, the heir to a Muslim empire embarks on a dangerous journey to find his true love, who was taken away by her Christian father.

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Mutlak Adalet (Absolute Justice) (2014) - Turkish Movie - HD Streaming with English Subtitles

Mutlak Adalet

After a horrific attack on his wife and daughter, Metin’s life is turned upside down. Driven to take revenge, Metin soon finds that vengeance is a brutal road.