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Alamaailma Trilogia 2 Kyttä (The Cop)

Alamaailma Trilogia 2 Kyttä (The Cop)

Alamaailma Trilogia 2 Kyttä (Underworld Trilogy: The Cop) – English Subtitles

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Alamaailma Trilogia 2 Kytta (The Cop)

Alamaailma Trilogia 2 Kyttä (The Cop)

Underworld Trilogy is a drama/thriller television series. The Underworld Trilogy consists of three miniseries. This is number two (The Cop): A detective working with the narcotics unit of the Stockholm police, PEKKA MANNINEN is called to Finland with the task of charting the route via which heroin is smuggled from St. Petersburg to Finland and the rest of the world. The Helsinki police department’s narcotics unit has already been on the case with no results, and so the rough-and-ready Manninen goes undercover into a Russian drug operation. Treading the fine line between the legal and the illegal, Manninen begins to confuse the roles of police officer and criminal, until he goes too far and there’s no turning back. The Cop is directed by Minna Virtanen and written by Pekka Lehtosaari. The series’ cast includes top actors from Finland, Sweden and Russia, such as Antti Reini, Tatiana Susi, Dan Bejarano and Vyacheslav Razbegaev.




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