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Alamaailma Trilogia 1 Vanki (The Prisoner)

Alamaailma Trilogia 1 Vanki (The Prisoner)

Alamaailma Trilogia: Vanki (Underworld Trilogy: The Prisoner) – English Subtitles

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Alamaailma Trilogia 1 Vanki (The Prisoner)

Alamaailma Trilogia 1 Vanki (The Prisoner)

Underworld Trilogy is a drama/thriller television series. The Underworld Trilogy consists of three miniseries. This is number one (The Prisoner): Computer whizz-kid VESA LEVOLA is a decent young man with a promising career who unexpectedly ends up in prison after becoming involved in a street fight. Suddenly he is faced with a situation in which the key to survival lies in making contacts in the criminal underworld. Vesa ends up working for the kingpin of the criminal world, REIJO SUNDSTRÖM, who runs a drug-trafficking organization from behind bars. Prison proving no obstacle for his criminal actions, Sundström secures heroin shipments (codenamed Cuba Libre) from St. Petersburg to Sweden through Finland. Vesa soon realizes he is just a pawn in a game of chess between Sundström and inspector JUHA VIITASALO, who is willing to exceed his powers as a police officer in order to stop Sundström’s racket.




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john wells
john wells
2 years ago

Cannot thank you enough for all the great Scandi series you have provided. So much better than the usual American tripe. I do however have problems with my firewall trying to prevent me from viewing.

John Steppling
John Steppling
3 years ago

most the links for this series dont work. 🙁

6 years ago

Please mirror on Bre3sy

6 years ago

hai admin..could you please mirror to openload…thanks

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