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Alamaailma Trilogia 3 Lakimies (The Lawyer)

Alamaailma Trilogia 3 Lakimies (The Lawyer)

Alamaailma Trilogia 3 Lakimies (Underworld Trilogy: The Lawyer) – English Subtitles

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Alamaailma Trilogia 3 Lakimies (The Lawyer)

Alamaailma Trilogia 3 Lakimies (The Lawyer)

Underworld Trilogy is a drama/thriller television series. The Underworld Trilogy consists of three miniseries. This is number three (The Lawyer): TOMAS MATTILA is a scruffy, beer-guzzling attorney who has been representing criminals in court for around ten years. He was fired from his previous job as a corporate lawyer and, with the doors of the business world closed for him, he was forced to turn to defending criminals. Unfortunately, he is not particularly good at what he does, and is completely fed up with his frustrating job and his clients. Through a coincidence, however, he gains a new client, the beautiful blonde NINA, who offers him a lucrative job. Without questioning this tempting deal in any way, Mattila believes his luck has turned. He sobers up and begins to enjoy his newfound success, until he finds out that he is helping Swedish white-collar criminals launder money. Mattila realizes too late that there is no way out. The Lawyer is directed by Petri Kotwica and written by Marko Leino. The series’ cast includes top actors from Finland and Sweden, such as Teijo Eloranta, Janne Hyytiäinen, Linda Zilliacus, Shanti Roney and Georgi Staykov.




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