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And I Love You So (2009)

Lara is a grieving widow after her husband of only 5 months dies suddenly. In a bout to keep the preschool she owns, she rents out her condo to Chris who is also grieving a past relationship that left him in shambles when he catches his girlfriend cheating on him.

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And I Love You So (2015)

Trixie and Joanna will find themselves pitted against each other in everything they want. Both are young, smart and beautiful- but what Trixie had in money in material things, Joanna had in love and affection. Aside from being bitter rivals in school, they fall in love for the same guy, Justin. The rivalry between Trixie and Joanna intensifies and becomes more complicated when they are forced to live under one roof as half-sisters. Will being family end their animosity and drive them to become real sisters?

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