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Alex & Co. – Season 3

A new year is about to begin at the Melsher Institute, where a new student, Clio, has arrived. The girl, who hides a big secret, will have a very troubled relationship with Alex. On the other hand, Emma will have serious health problems due to her father being fired. This will take her away from her dream, her friends, her boyfriend Christian and recording the album they were preparing for the record company. When things start going in the right direction, a masked artist who has begun to succeed on the internet will appear, altering the balance of the group.

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Alex & Co: How To Grow Up Despite Your Parents

Alex, a high school student, has formed a band with his friends Christian, Emma and Sam. When the radio announces a concert for musical groups of local high schools, Alex & Co. prepare to participate with enthusiasm. But the new, very strict headmaster of their school is strongly opposed. Will our heroes overcome the obstacles created not only by the principal, but also by parents who seem unwilling to support their dreams?

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