Turkish for Beginners (2012)

Turkish for Beginners (2012)

Türkisch Für Anfänger (Turkish for Beginners) – 2012 German Comedy Movie – English Subtitles

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Türkisch Für Anfänger (Turkish for Beginners) - 2012 German Comedy Movie - English Subtitles

Turkish for Beginners (2012)

During an emergency landing on a deserted island suddenly traumatized by antiauthoritarian education Lena Schneider together with the Turkish Super Macho Cem Öztürk must fight for survival. After initially Cem macho repulsive acts on Lena, a jellyfish in the water and sand in a bikini, she recognizes the time the romantic core behind his cool facade. Meanwhile, meet also their parents, who obdurate psychologist Doris and Metin Öztürk to work together to find their missing children. So both generations take an involuntary Turkish Basic Course for beginners.
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Türkisch Für Anfänger



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Yassmine Feddahi
Yassmine Feddahi
3 years ago

Could you also find the series ? or are they not translated?
Thankyouu soo much

rita modai
rita modai
3 years ago

thank you for give us the opportunity to watch movies with english subs.

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