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1- DO NOT link any other Fb pages or Websites on our site WITHOUT OUR APPROVAL first (Message us), failing to abide by that will get you an INSTANT IP BAN.
2- Please don’t spam, write only comments DIRECTLY RELATED to the series, movie or news article you’re commenting on, fail to abide by this multiple times and you will get banned.
3- Profanity & Cursing will get you BANNED, Disrespect to Admins, Translators or any other person on the page will also get you BANNED INSTANTLY.


1) When is the next Episode of [Insert Series Name]?
Current US/UK/Asian series (Excluding Philippine Soaps) can be posted during 24hrs from airing but it depends on our sources & requests.
  • Turkish Series takes time to translate, so please understand that most of the time there is no specific days, please don’t ask when & what time.
  • Mexican Soaps & other Telenovelas, some are posted on weekly bases and some are posted randomly, it’s also depend on the volunteers working on it.
  • Other Foreign series are mostly posted season by season.
2) Why don’t you give priority to this Turkish/Mexican series?
Because almost each series is being translated by different people and it’s volunteers mostly, so we have no right to demand this or that, everyone here consider this a hobby.
3) Can I request or suggest a series or a movie?
Yes, but it depends, we don’t start translating projects by requests so don’t ask us to translate this Turkish show or this telenovela etc, we only check if we have the show or the movie on our offline collection or ask our sources about it, we have large collection of foreign series that’s not posted on the site yet.
4) When is the default streaming server (STREAMHD) is coming back online?
We’ve been studying a new idea to bring it back but it will cost a lot to keep it up, this is why we will be introducing new advertisements to see if we can afford it’s monthly upkeep costs. For now you have to watch from the alternative servers and this is how you can switch.
5) Alternative servers are showing annoying ads, why don’t you remove them?
We don’t have control over the ads shown by the alternative servers, the only thing we can do is send them a complain, you just have to let us know, alternatively you can download the video you want to watch via the download server and view it offline therefore avoiding such ads, when STREAMHD comes back online you can watch from it without ads.
6) What if there is a series or movie that doesn’t have alternative servers or download servers?
Just let us know about it and we will provide both asap, our main streaming servers are OPENLOAD, FASTLOAD & VIDEOME, we are uploading all new series and movies on these servers but also open to add servers like STREAMANGO, RAPIVIDEO and others by requests depending the series or movie in question, you can request uploading old series & movies on those servers too, download servers are detailed below.
7) How to download Episodes & Movies?
We are currently using two main download servers. Let’s explain both first.
  • (SERVER: PFF): It’s protected FileFactory links and it’s pretty straightforward, you can subscribe for a premium filefactory account to download in full speed with resume support from this host.
  • (SERVER: BRE3SY): This require you to login with your Google Account to download but it gives you full speed downloads. Video tutorial will be posted soon to show you in details how this works if someone is having trouble with it.
8) I don’t see any of the above download servers for this Series/Movie?
We are trying to provide download servers for everything we share but lot’s of our old stuff still don’t have any download servers, when you don’t see download servers available for your favorite series/movie you can let us know and we will try to provide it asap.


ZombieFlix: https://zombieflix.pw (Everything Zombies)
3rbDrama: https://3rbdrama.pw (شبكة عرب دراما)
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Zorodzai Mukondo
Zorodzai Mukondo
4 hours ago

If possible may I request the series ‘La Fan (2017)’ with English subtitles.
Thank you for your hard work!

5 hours ago

If possible, Season 2 of Ennemi Public.

howard philipson
9 hours ago

The servers that work best for me in the USA are as follows: OK, OMMA, CAJITA TOP.
Some times I have to switch servers within one program to view different episodes. I have never been able to view episode 5 of LeTemoins ( Witnesses ) even though I have seen the other 5 episodes with no difficulty, as well as Season 2 in full. I accept and appreciate those programs I can view, as many are blocked, maybe to all viewers, or only to U>S>A locations. Thanks.

20 hours ago

Can you please add Caer en tentación with English subtitles!!! Iv been wanting to watch it for 3 years… and couldn’t find it anywhere with English subs!:(

eugene lee
eugene lee
1 day ago

can you guys post Balthazar (French tv series)

6 hours ago
Reply to  Support Team

Season 2 if possible. Thanks.

1 day ago

I always appreciate that you uploaded movies and tv series, its very convenient and thank you for that, but i wanted to watch a dutch tv shows that it’s very difficult to find with English subtitles, i hope you can upload it and will be very thankful for that.

Keizersvrouwen 2019

The link i wanted to show the name of the series and episodes, please i hope you have a nice day, thank you 

18 hours ago
Reply to  Support Team

Thanks, i really can wait :))

Leo Wing
Leo Wing
4 days ago

Please find someone who has subscribed to CinemaWorld Asia TV and ask to get Inspector Coliandro 6th season with english subtitles, please.

12 days ago

There are no download servers for the show Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne? with english subtitles. Your website indicts to contact your team so you guys can provide it me. Please let me know if this is possible!

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