It’s not been easy this year, I don’t usually ask but currently we need your help. The advertisement setup we are currently using doesn’t generate enough money to cover website running costs anymore and I really don’t want to increase the ads. It’s been like this since few months back and I can’t cover with my personal expense each month anymore, so I hope you guys can help out. I’m reaching out to you to help us keep this website in a good shape. Yes, maintaining this website is not an easy task. And yes, it is also very expensive right now. I’m not asking you guys to give out all your hard earned money, we are not comfortable that way. If you have something extra, it is up to you to donate some of that so you can keep visiting our site and have fun. Any donation however small will surely help this website survive for more months to come. Thank you so much.

You can send us donations via Cryptocurrency or [email protected]

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If you can’t use Cryptocurrency you can send us gift cards (we can flip them for money) or you can contact us on [email protected] if you prefer to donate via [email protected]. (Some people are donating via [email protected] on our email address [email protected], please don’t do that… that’s not our donation address, that’s only for contacting and we don’t have [email protected] on it. Our PayPal address is different… please email us so we can give you the current donation address. People who donated to this email address [email protected] [email protected] will will automatically return your donation after few days, again contact us on this email to give you the correct [email protected] donation address).

I don’t have money how can I still support the site? Read below…

1- Be nice:Leave us a comment, seeing people appreciate what we’re doing motivates us to continue & it’s the least you could do, imagine the hours our people put through to translate, encode or share with you in comparison with a half minute that will take you to leave us a “thank you”.

2- Share Our Website: “This is very important, you can help us by sharing our website with your friends, family members or even strangers. List our website wherever you could, be it social media, other websites, forums or listing pages, the more viewers we get the more motivated we are to share updates more constantly“.

3- Help out in current projects: “Sometimes we ask people to help us with tasks like Syncing Subtitles, Proof Reading and other small tasks. We usually announce these on Facebook but we plan on creating a page to list all open tasks to have more organization etc”

Thank You.