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The Border – Season 1

The series “Wataha” starts from the bombing, which killed one of the officers of border guard units in the Bieszczady Mountains. Only one of them will survive. SG captain Victor Rebrov (Leszek Lichota) as a result of the coup loses not only his friends, but most of all loved Eve. Lost, trying to figure out what happened and who is behind all this. The official investigation leads the prosecution. Are interested in knowing the truth also his superiors.

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The Border – Season 2

Prosecutor Iga Dobosz return to Bieszczady to investigate a gruesome crime. It’s been four years and the border is turbulent; more and more people illegally cross the border, and the Border Guards are under great pressure. Markowski has gained the trust of his subordinates, but the problems of the past still haunt him. Rebrow, pursued by justice, hides in the Bieszczady wilderness, struggling with wild nature and contacting only two friends – Łuczak and Marta. Everything changes when an illegal immigrant appears in his hideout.

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The Border – Season 3

The third season begins when the Border Guard stops two migrants who have tried to flee Poland to Ukraine. Following them, Rebrow unexpectedly discovers the crime scene. Violent assassination echoes throughout Poland. Markowski begins the investigation, and Rebrow reports to Dobosz for help, assuming that the case may have a second bottom. Climbing up the career ladder in Warsaw, Dobosz reluctantly returns to the Bieszczady Mountains.

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