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An Bronntanas

A lifeboat crew discovers millions of euros worth of drugs on a fishing boat off the coast of Ireland.

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Red Rock – Series 1

Red Rock is an Irish soap opera set in a fictional seaside town in Dublin. Welcome to Red Rock, a quiet harbour town in provincial Ireland. Those at the local police station play referee to the warring worlds of the Henneseys (a local dynasty whose name is above half of the businesses in town) and the Kielys (who have turned petty crime into a cottage industry). Through blackmail, arson and a deadly hit-and-run, it might be that there is an innocent baby soon to arrive that breeches this otherwise impenetrable fued, in this contemporary Western of kin and honour.

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Red Rock – Series 3

Harbour Haulage has gone up in flames and Patricia’s world has fallen apart, while Keith is horrified at his own actions. Robbie tries to escape gangster Laser Byrne’s grasp 45mins

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