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Where is Elisa? (English Dubbing)

The lives of the Altamira family are changed forever. Their lives are engulfed by the events in the disappearance of Elisa, the oldest daughter of Mariano Altamira and Dana Riggs Altamira. Once she disappears, we begin to learn the secrets of every member of the family and friends; the paranoias start, histories from the past, themes that were supposed to be buried. Then the recriminations among family members start.

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Where is Elisa? (English Subtitles)

Elisa Altamira, a 17-year-old girl and daughter of a wealthy family, disappears one night after going out dancing. Hours before, Elisa was celebrating her father’s birthday. The honoree, Mariano Altamira, is a prestigious lawyer and businessman. The party was attended by Dana Riggs de Altamira and other relatives and friends. At the end of dinner, Elisa decides to go to a disco with her cousins. Everybody is taken aback when they look for Elisa and find out she has vanished.

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