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Direct Flight

Direct Flight

Voo Direto (Direct Flight) (2010) – Portuguese Telenovela – SD Streaming with English Dubbing

This telenovela has been capped and shared with us by Ian over at The Afro-Brazilian Affair Blog, Thank You So Much.

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Voo Direto (Direct Flight) (2010) - Portuguese Telenovela - SD Streaming with English Dubbing

Direct Flight

A story about the lives of four flight attendants, Patricia, Martha, Yara and Weza. It's a story about friendship, love, loyalty and family. The four friends are in search of their soul mates and their happy ever afters.
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Voo Direto





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5 months ago

STREAMHD”error loading media file could not be played”
OMMA”vpn detected to connect to this site you need to disable vpn”(i don’t use vpn)
UPTOSTREAM”not playing”
UPTOBOX”not working”

do something thanks.

1 year ago

Thanks, it it possible to get the following series with English subtitles: Orphans of a Nation (Órfãos da Terra); Aruanas; Tangled Hearts; Total Dreamer; Friends to the Rescue; Brave Woman; Blood Ties (Lacos de Sangue);

Ndegwa Nguru
Ndegwa Nguru
1 year ago
Reply to  Joyce

You must be from Kenya or at least my parts of Africa where these shows have been dubbed in English. I have many recorded episodes of Orphans of a Nation but really slacked on the final weeks, Aruanas has been uploaded with English subs here Tangled Hearts, maybe will record its third airing soon probably in 2023 Total Dreamer, again have many episodes but not all, including episode 1 I do not have Friends to the Rescue, this one is quite a task, and considering the channel which aired it in Kenya refused to finish the last 32 episodes, we’d… Read more »

3 years ago

Thanks alot for this series…its really nice…could you be having victoria,, a telemundo novella made in 2007 or madre luna?

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