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Inspector Montalbano – Season 2

Inspector Montalbano - Season 2

Inspector Montalbano – Season 2 – English Subtitles

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Inspector Montalbano - Season 2 - English Subtitles

Inspector Montalbano - Season 2

Inspector Montalbano is an Italian television series based on the detective novels of Andrea Camilleri. The protagonist is Commissario Salvo Montalbano, and the stories are set in the imaginary town of Vigata, Sicily. Episode 1 (The Shape of Water): Mr Luparello, a renowned local engineer and leading political figure, is found dead in a car at a notorious prostitution spot on the outskirts of Vigata. Episode 2 (The Mystery of the Terracotta Dog): A criminal turned state witness informs Montalbano of an arms stash in a cave just outside Vigata. Also uncovered in the cave is a secret chamber where the bodies of two lovers.
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Il Commissario Montalbano





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Leslie Piper
Leslie Piper
6 years ago

I’m amazed and entranced by Montalbano, all the great characters, and of course the architecture. A sane man, steering his civilized way between the Scylla and Charbidis of the various hierarchies of his society, fascinates me. Great work all around; looking for a package of videos I can buy and study.

7 years ago

I have enjoyed your services. I have allowed pop-up ads. I am now not given access to my shows.

Very frustrated.

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