Ekaterina – Season 1

Ekaterina - Season 1

Ekaterina (The Rise of Catherine the Great) – Season 1 – Russian Period Drama – HD Streaming with English Subtitles

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Series held the highest television series ratings in Russia.

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Ekaterina - Season 1

This major international production traces the sensational rise of Catherine the Great, renowned Empress of Eighteenth Century Russia. Ekaterina begins her journey as a young German princess selected to marry Peter the Third, heir to the Russian throne and grandson of Peter the Great. Her story shows that even in an age of imperial dynasties and arranged marriages, power is not given. It is taken.
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Екатерина | The Rise of Catherine the Great





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Miami history geek
Miami history geek
1 year ago

Excellent the way you feel Catherine grow more and more into her role at the time Russia (and serfdom) are growing. Lots of sub-plots all boiling over. Puts personal and romantic feel to an Empress who doesn’t get very good press. Both seasons are top notch.

Jane Mw
Jane Mw
1 year ago

There is a missing episode (episode 6) on the Openload server

Mae Ribeiro
Mae Ribeiro
2 years ago

I definitely enjoyed this series, thank you!

Till Hard Bottle
Till Hard Bottle
2 years ago

Senke nad Balkanom tv series, please add it in wlext.

Idelis Palma
2 years ago

Wonderful serie!

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