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Candle In The Sun

Candle In The Sun

Candle In The Sun (TH) (2019) – Thai Lakorn – HD Streaming with English Subtitles

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Candle In The Sun (TH) (2019) - Thai Lakorn - HD Streaming with English Subtitles

Candle In The Sun

It's a love triangle between Thien Kham, an innocent girl who fell in love with Prince Thewarit, husband of Princess Wongduean known to be the most jealous woman. Princess Wongduean ordered to have Thien Kham killed because she had an affair with her husband. Thien Kham can only take revenge after her death. At present day, Thien Kham was reborn as Kalin, a beautiful but notorious model. She was rumored to be the third wheel between In (Prince Thewarit) and Patima (Princess Wongduean). After receiving the Golden Hairpin, Kalin recalled her previous life, and it brought her back to the past through the Chiang Mai Gates. She learned about her past miserable life and how she was painfully tortured. Her friend, Ben, who secretly admires Kalin, tries to help her get away from the past and to let go of her revenge, but it is not easy.
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เพลิงพรางเทียน | Plerng Prang Tian





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