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1920. Wojna i Miłość

1920. Wojna i Miłość

1920. Wojna i Miłość (1920. War and Love) – Polish Series – HD Streaming with English Subtitles

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1920. Wojna i Miłość (1920. War and Love) - Polish Series - HD Streaming with English Subtitles

1920. Wojna i Miłość

It is the summer of 1918 in Central Europe. Vladek, Joseph and Bronek – three Poles serving their obligatory time in armies of the three aggressors of Poland: Prussia, Austria, and Russia, who are now fighting each other in the last days of the WWI – escape from the frontline. They accidentally meet on their way back to homeland, and together continue the journey that will lead them to a newly formed Polish legions. On their long way to a freed country, they encounter not only a hostile ambushes and the political upheavals, but also the loves of their lives. The series follows one of the most important periods in the history of Central Europe of the early 20th century – the struggle for independence of Poland and its aftermath up to stopping a march of the communist revolution toward the West in 1920. The action begins in the 1918 Russia, just after the Revolution.
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1920. War and Love





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4 years ago

Please upload 365 dni the movie

Miami history geek
Miami history geek
5 years ago

As a history geek, this is a great series to get into the heart and soul of an amazing time and place. After reading and reading about Poland in this era, finally get to feel it through excellent acting in real life situation. Love it.

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