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Ever since OPENLOAD & STREAMANGO have gone offline many shows & movies lack proper streaming servers, we are currently re-uploading many shows, help us by reporting shows that don’t have many streaming servers, especially if a series have only one working servers or none. Let us know about it below.

Before reporting a playback problem in the comment section please read the following:

  • All Series and Movies start with a default server called (STREAMHD) and it is NOT WORKING, so you need to switch to another server, here is how to switch servers If it’s not working why don’t you remove it? I’m not a coder, unfortunately I don’t know how to do that so it will have to stay like that.
  • When reporting a problem with a specific series and episode please make sure to write that in your comment, you have to let us know which series you are having trouble with as well as which episode and which server used, this will greatly help us answer quicker.
  • Patience is key here, due to me being running the site alone now it’s going to be harder and I can’t focus all my time on it… so reporting a series to be re-uploaded for example doesn’t mean it will automatically be available instantly, it will take time for me to re-upload stuff especially if it’s a giant show like telenovelas etc, it can take days to re-upload certain shows etc so I appreciate if you can be patient.

You can write your report in the comment section below.

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3 days ago

I’m watching Lo que la vida me robo on OMMA and episode 16 will not play, I get a Blank screen with a X in the middle after the advertisement. I believe the episode needs to be reloaded. Thanks, Gail

4 days ago

Episode 24 not working

5 days ago

And I love you so the two servers are not working fine the other one imma the mb is too much

7 days ago

Episode 22 not playing

8 days ago

La Usurpadora Episodes are incomplete. please add the missing episodes. thanks

Fayaz Ahmed
8 days ago

I tried through all servers not played yet

8 days ago

all links are broken for Suskunlar tv series

10 days ago

In pasión y poder episode 32 does not have captions please fix this problem please

16 days ago

Hey team the link tell me that i reached 120 minutes and i want to complete elinternado and i dont have money to watch it, i have wait alot to see it so what should i do?????

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