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Our 7th Anniversary Collection

We are 7 years old this June ’22 and we are celebrating it by releasing 800+ episodes of various completed series, from Telenovelas to Chinese Drama and everything in between, it’s time to binge.

I worked so hard on preparing these series for this month, if you appreciate the work done you can help me out by donating below.

If you appreciate what I’m doing here and want to support the website and keep it going you can donate any sum however small, it will be used to cover the website upkeep and help achieve the following future goals I have in mind for the site: The main goals are to upgrade the website and use new design. Secondly I want to replace the non-working STREAMHD server. Long term goal is to create a mobile app. Any donations will be used to hire someone to do these jobs and keep site afloat.

For safety I can only receive donations via Amazon Gift Cards.

Use this link

and send gift card to this email [ [email protected] ]