E-San Love Story

E-San Love Story

E-San Love Story (Som-Pak-Sian) (2017) – Thai Movie – HD Streaming with English Subtitles

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E-San Love Story (Som-Pak-Sian) (2017) - Thai Movie - HD Streaming with English Subtitles

E-San Love Story

A sincere country boy named "Sian" was waiting for years to marry his girlfriend when she returned from working in Bangkok. Finally, his girlfriend came back home with her new boyfriend and told Sian that she is going to marry this new guy. Sian's heart is broken. Sian's drunken friend has come to help and comfort him, but instead he makes more troubles that is brought Venerable Mahachai to solve the problem. On the other hand, "Pak" a junior from Sian's collage foresees this is a chance to win Sian's heart.
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ส่ม ภัค เสี่ยน | Som-Pak-Sian



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