The Lord of the Skies – Season 1 – Episode 8 – English Subtitles

Original Title: El Señor De Los Cielos
English Title: The Lord of the Skies
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Genre: Action, Drama

Follow Aurelio Casillas’ journey in his efforts to become the leading, and only, drug dealer in Mexico in the ’90s, taking Pablo Escobar’s place in the region. To do so, he must overcome all sorts of obstacles, in a whirlwind of action, emotions, unbridled passions, luxuries, intrigue, and betrayal. But, in Aurelio’s way is Marco Mejia, a police officer with the goal of capturing him. After the appearance of his picture in the press, Casillas, whose fleet of 27 aircraft has earned him the nickname “The Lord of the Skies”, decides to undergo a risky plastic surgery to change his face and disappear without a trace, putting the lives of his beloved Ximena and their children at risk.

Rafael Amaya Ximena Herrera
As “Aurelio Casillas” As “Ximena Letrán”
Fernanda Castillo Raúl Méndez
As “Mónica Robles” As “Víctor Casillas (Chacorta)”
Gabriel Porras Carmen Villalobos
As “Marco Mejía” As “Leonor Ballestero”
Marlene Favela Mauricio Ochmann
As “Victoria Navárez (La Gober)” As “José María (Chema) Venegas”

Episode 8

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